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Co Founders Of Dartello. (Left) Nathan Rose, (Right) Jimmy Stone

About Dartello

Dartello is an ecommerce company that sells high-quality electronic products around the world. Also, provide customers for an easy way to shop products physically or online.

Dartello was founded in 2016 by collaborative entrepreneurs. They saw the mistake of traditional shopping and wanted to make it right more accessible and more convenient for everyone. Finally, they become successful to provide the best products for the best prices to customers around the world. As a result, In 2018 Dartello online platform was born and Dartello become one of the direct supplier of manufacturing companies. They also started their own store on eBay and retired from eBay in 2022. At that time, they got the opportunity to get the Global, UK & US top-rated seller badge just in a couple of weeks. Became a top-rated seller from 2018 to 2022. That’s a short story of Dartello. Thats how Dartello company was founded.

Now we have a team of purposeful employees who share our vision for the company. Together, we are perform to providing our customers with the best possible experience.

Our mission is Power Up Everybody Life Everywhere.

We are based in the United Kindom, United States & China. But our reach is global. In future, many branches will be open in many countries. We always think outside of box to improve the shopping experience for our customers.

Lets talk about our customer service. In short, we offer free expedited shipping, free return and 24h working really great customer service. Let me explain, We offer free shipping for every products sold by us, Packages will be delivered within 10 days no matter where you are or what country you are And we offer free returns within 14 days for products if it not accurate with the product description. Did you know our customer service team will answer any questions or concerns you may have just within a few seconds, They are available 24×7 and working as a family. so that you can shop with confidence. Have a nice day.!

Thanks for supporting Dartello.

electronic engineer doing some electronic circuit design
CTO Of Dartello. Shiba Hiroyuki

7+ Years Of Experience

Founded in 2016. In today, Our service is available to anyone in the world.

3K+ Happy Customers

We have many loyal customers who are satisfied with our service.

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